The Stay-at-Home Mom: Doing her kids a disservice?

ImageOn my way into school this morning, I was listening to a radio show, the name and channel of which escapes me — but while I disagree with the heart of it, it did get me to thinking.

This particular caller stated that stay-at-home mothers, who raise their children with a working father, do their children a disservice (apparently, particularly their daughters…) because it is not teaching them to be self-sufficient.  Even if the husband is comfortably bringing home enough of the bacon to support the family comfortably, this particular caller stated that a mother staying at home to raise her children and to run the household does not teach children that this is a possibility in the future, with the way the economy works today.

I found this interesting, because I think it’s more a matter of teaching children to be self-sufficient in fact, versus by example.  For instance, when I was 16, I was *told* I had to have a summer job.  “No loafing for you, this summer!”  I believe was the key-term.  Granted, I had had an academically lame year and didn’t perform well at all — this could have been as much a punishment as it was a lesson.  A stay-at-home mother, in my opinion, can induce the same lesson in working in the same manner it was done to me, as both-working parents can.   Further, if both parents work, and make $100,000 a year — and don’t require their children to work, and live comfortably enough to give their 19-year old children allowances versus requiring them to move out and work — is this conducive to learning how to be self sufficient?  Sure, the old adage of “teach by example,” is a powerful force — but if this is what the children were exposed and used to from birth, would this really matter?

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