The Minister’s Podium

Samuel has been an ordained minister, offering interfaith chaplaincy services since 2002 with the Universal Life Church, of Modesto, California; as well as American Marriage Ministries since 2016.  His primary services to the public has includes weddings and other ceremonies of joining.  As an interfaith minister, Samuel tailors his services to the needs and wants of the individual couple, often composing ceremonies from scratch, drawing on teachings and philosophy of several cultures — with a goal of fitting the backgrounds or preferances of the couple.

Samuel can be as formal or as informal as the couple would desire — the full gown, or a pair of rolled up sleeves, his goal is to give everyone a ceremony they can smile about for a lifetime of memories and love.  More traditional for those who desire a religious background or more funny and injected with humor or themed with Klingons, Jedi or a Starfleet Captain, his needs are few, as his goal is to make it a ceremony catered to you!

A lifetime student of the human condition and humanity’s quest for spirituality, he is trained in ministry through more self-study and coorespondence than through more traditional education, Samuel has studied texts of several religions and faiths, including different translations of the Holy Bible (including King James, New American Standard, New International and Hensley’s translation) the Hindu scripture of the Bhagavad Gita, the Qur’an, The Urantia Book and texts of paganism and more newer-age traditions and religion.  He believes the non-judgemental, helping ear of a friend with a varied background has a place in the holistic wellness of the person as much as medicine, psychology and spirituality.

Samuel holds a degree in public adminsitration from Eastern Michigan University, an honorary doctorate in divinity from the Universal Life Church and has attended seminars and trainings in religious humanities, ecclesiastical administration, and marriage law, with a concentration of providing these services in the State of Michigan.