Rule By the Best Person — Or The Best Rules?

NO, I’m not calling for the President or anyone else to unilaterally nuke anybody.
This is just some “think” on the idea of Social Justice.

nuclearbuttonLast semester, I took a political theory class that brought up the ideology of justice in politics — and in particular, the idea of; assuming all things being equal — “Would you rather be ruled by the best PERSON, or the best RULES?”

She posted something on the UN Weapons Treaty, and me noticing that the three pariah nations of the world voted against the treaty — being the ass I am, offhandedly posted:

“Of *course* the three pariah nations voted against it… “WE NEED OUR WEAPONS TO KEEP OUR CONSTITUENTS IN LINE! WE MUST ALSO USE THEM TO ENFORCE VIRGINITY CHECKS.” One nuclear-powered aircraft carrier could take care of *that* shit, once and for all. It’s a good thing I’m not President, today.”

That got me thinking — what IF I, as the Commander-in-Chief in my infinite wisdom (lol) decided to violate the rules of war, and even international law of war and just decided to drop a nuke on the leaderships of North Korea, Iran and Syria — effectively eliminating an oligarchy of evil in the world with a press of “the button.”

The rules of war — accepted and even agreed upon by those in reasonable society, are sacred.  They are meant to protect the basic unit of all: life.  The right to simply exist.

Would this be justice?  Would my supposed-violation of the rules of war — and international (not to mention AMERICAN) law that would very likely wind me up in prison; and very likely executed for the misuse of the deployment of military hardware and nuclear weapons — still be justified?

It may sound like I’m trying to be self-centered when I say it like that… but I’m not trying to be.  Taking the blame “myself” as the Commander-in-Chief, so the remainder of the American government and people would not be held accountable for my sole actions… would this be a justifiable way to end the world’s most oppressive and viscous regimes on the planet?   :: shrugs ::

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