My Knee-Jerk Review: The Pebble Watch

ImageI got my Pebble watch today!   Right out of the box, I felt the quality and the care of craftsmanship put into this item.  It’s obvious that the designers of the watch cared as much foe aesthetics and ergonomics as they did about functionality.  It’s an absolutely beautiful, functional device that compliments any professional.  The black version, which I got, goes with any wardrobe and is as much stylish as it is sedate.

While I won’t go into too many details without a video of my own, I wanted to show you what I did with mine, and how I like it.  The video reviews I post here are VERY realistic and pretty much spot-on.

Video Reviews:

– Engadget:
– TechSmartt:
– SoldierKnowsBest:
– Selim Akca:

Of course, I had to have my Star Trek watch-face.  😀


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