Is Apple finally starting to feel the Post-Steve Era?

Steve Jobs while presenting the iPad in San Fr...

Steve Jobs while presenting the iPad in San Francisco 27th January 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today brought some bad news for Apple: iPhone sales on Verizon‘s network plunged 33% in the past quarter.  With the advent of the new iPhone 5, this is a shocking revelation that even *I* was’t expecting to see.

It brought me back to the journal entry a few weeks ago that I wrote regarding Apple’s future now that Steve Jobs is gone, and can’t come back this time.  The last time Apple found itself without Steve, it found itself having innovation problems, and found itself with an image it couldn’t shake — without welcoming Steve back.

Are smartphone companies like Samsung or HTC [seemingly?] out-innovating Apple?  To their own admission, Apple hasn’t had a benchmark product since the iPad (and to a lesser point, Siri); while products like the Samsung Galaxy S III and the Note II have shown what Smartphones can do when given drastically different dimensions, systems-on-a-chip and the proper innovation.

Where will the future go for Apple?  Will they be able to tread water while their next bench-breaker product is being developed?  Or is this the signal of something else for Apple — long term?

One comment on “Is Apple finally starting to feel the Post-Steve Era?

  1. Personally I think that the moment Steve Jobs Passed, the soul of the company passed with it. He was a very brilliant man. Not only did he know how to change technology as we see it but knew how to sell it to make it successful. I mean we all know the whole thing with Bill Gates trying to produce a windows tablet years ago, I believe in 2001, but he tried selling a product that most didn’t care for for that time. During that time people just wanted good computers so they could surf the new thing called the internet.

    Now Steve Jobs knew all about timing, design, and functionality of his products. In my opinion he was a true innovator that most will never be able to copy what his mind was capable of producing. Back to your article here I believe that Apple will go down a steep and STRONG hill but will not go out. It will survive due to its iPhones and the fad that follows them. I was expecting a drop in Apple but I didn’t think this soon.

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